Facing up to biometrics in schools

Recently, journalist Sarah Basford investigated the implications of a trial of facial recognition technology in Australian schools. The technology is being used to monitor student attendance. I contributed to the wide-ranging article, along with the Australian Human Rights Commission and Electronic Frontiers Australia. You can read the article here.

If you are interested in digging deeper, I have written an introductory piece about biometric technology in schools. I have also co-authored a government-commissioned report which provides an ethical framework for the use of artificial intelligence in schools – this includes biometric technology. You can also also consult this useful set of guidelines for schools from the UK – it is the sort of guidance that the Australian education sector needs to develop, along with strong legislative and regulatory frameworks.

Stay tuned because in 2020 I will launching a new project called ‘Cultures of AI Ethics and Education’ which will deal with the topic of biometrics.


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